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Measure by Rebecca Fox

Published June 1st 2009
ISBN : 9781597190176
380 pages
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 About the Book 

When blonde, Rubenesque paralegal Jenny Taylor is coaxed by her boss Lissa to a dance sponsored by the Midwestern chapter of RADFAm, a national fat advocacy organization, this wild new romantic world throws her into a spin. For within the groups gang of full-figured friends and their admirers lies the tantalizing chance for love and betrayal, couplings and contretemps. The well-rounded cast of suds-worthy singles includes: Misty Shores, super-sized spiritual guide and entrepreneuse- Greg Dillman, Armani-armored chubby chaser on the prowl- Connie Donovan, a raven-tressed and roundly rumped fashion diva who mows a swath of spurned paramours- Paul Daily, a lanky teacher who learns more than hed imagined about plump pretties- and Joseph Rivera, a hunky sous chef forever seeking a BBW who measures up to his ideal. Its robust, comic romance as Jenny and her friends flesh out the truth about soap opera: Its not just for the rich and slender. Taken from the online cyber-serial, Measure By Measure is a Tales of the City for the fat and fabulous!