How to feast and famine diet

By | October 7, 2020

how to feast and famine diet

It wasn’t that long ago that we braved bad breath and high blood pressure on the Atkins, ignoring health warnings — and common sense — in our desperation to shed pounds. Recently, however, it has looked like the days of dangerous fad diets were over, replaced by a healthier, more sustainable attitude to weight loss. Sadly the growing buzz around a new eating plan suggests otherwise. Criticised by health professionals as physically and mentally damaging, the diet encourages followers to eat “whatever they want” every other day, but virtually nothing the next. The idea of a diet in which absolutely no food is off limits is understandably seductive, particularly for those long-term dieters that have spent years ignoring the bread basket and turning down pudding. The gruelling diet days — also known as “down days” — are less appealing. On these days, followers must limit themselves to a meagre to calories. Given that the average woman needs 2, calories a day, and the average man 2,, this seems woefully inadequate.

Michael Mosley of England developed the feast and famine diet, known as the Fast Diet, when his doctor warned him of his diabetes risk and rising cholesterol levels, according to ABC News. He created the diet from the research findings on fasting and feasting conducted by Dr. Krista Varady of the University of Illinois. Consult your doctor before attempting this diet to prevent any possible adverse effects. The fasting days allow you to eat only calories per day. After six years of research, Varady also created a feast and famine diet entitled the ”Every Other Day Diet,” or alternate day fasting. She recommends eating all the calories at lunch and refraining from eating breakfast or dinner.

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