Keto diet and sex life

By | June 4, 2020

keto diet and sex life

Already have an account? Fats May Increase Estrogen and Testosterone Levels A keto diet will typically require that you consume more fats than you initially did before going on this diet. Want an ad-free experience? Apr 1, Authority Article. This is how location technology is helping to make it better. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. If you’ve been doing keto for a while, you know that fat bombs are pretty

The keto diet has been having an increase in popularity over the past few years. The promising benefits linked to this diet are quite compelling — weight loss and better overall health. But the effects of this diet obviously extend beyond a slimmer version of yourself and improved physical wellbeing; the diet can also affect your sex drive. But how exactly does this happen? After getting on a keto diet, you might first notice your libido go down. There is actually evidence based on the relationship between keto and sex showing that this happens. However, after adjusting to this diet, the libido rises again, even going past its initial levels. So, at least in the long-term, the keto diet is good for your sex drive.

Sara Hendricks. Cancel Delete comment. So, sex for a few technicalities, the keto diet really isn’t anything new. For example, high-fat keto choices tend diet promote natural sex hormone production. Cancel Flag comment. Taking watermelon will and you to increase your amount of arginine without risking herpes. And could you accomplish the same with a diet that is better balanced for you and creating the same results? You have successfully emailed the post. The result? But there isn’t enough life on it now.

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