Ketogenic diet and elevated liver enzymes

By | October 2, 2020

ketogenic diet and elevated liver enzymes

No fasting, calorie, or liquid restrictions were implemented. The theory is that ketone bodies are anti-convulsant when they cross the blood-brain barrier [ 3 ]. Excess fat consumption with very little fiber can cause the gut microbiome to change tremendously. Mechanisms of Ketogenic Diet Action. The weight loss occurs partly due to the diuretic effect of glycogen utilization and the likely calorie reduction resulting from the restricted dietary variety, but primarily because the reduction in blood glucose and insulin leads to less fat storage, as insulin is known to promote the conversion of excess glucose to fat [ 5 ]. Like any other restrictive dietary plan, the ketogenic diet is often difficult to maintain long-term. Ad by Ketocycle.

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Background: High-fat content and carbohydrate restriction of the ketogenic diet KD increases the workload of some organs, especially the liver. Moreover, most of the antiepileptic drugs AEDs are metabolized in the liver; therefore, the function of the liver could be influenced during the treatment with KD. This study was undertaken to investigate the influence of the ketogenic diet on liver function. Methods: A prospective, open-label study was carried out. A total of 28 patients with intractable epilepsy initiated the diet. All patients were children and adolescents who did not respond to at least 2 AEDs. Results: Fourteen patients with the median age of 4.

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