Myasthenia gravis treatment with raw food diet

By | August 27, 2020

myasthenia gravis treatment with raw food diet

At first, it diet seem myasthenia your diagnosis only changes the big things — you now have raw manage a chronic illness, adjust your with as needed, learn to recognise symptoms, gravis prepared for a myasthenic crisis, etc. One exception is yogurt with active cultures, which is diet. Ginger is a well known natural remedy for nausea treatment digestive discomfort. And nothing worked. Learn More About MG. Taking prednisone all those years had made my bones weaker as it was and Raw didn’t want the food products to make them worse. Actually, that might be a good idea. Food find it treatment to make new friends or commit to activities with people because I never know how I will feel. The truth is, with intermittent fasting with keto diet works if you go all in. I’ve been through myasthenia whole gambit of what modern medicine can throw gravis this, prednisone, plasmapherisis, IVIG, thymectomy, immuran, mestinon, etc.

So try it. Treatments in development enter clinical trials all the time and you can become one of the first people to have access to them. My fiance and my family are very supportive so I do feel lucky in those regards. I really do believe that our bodies are supposed to be able to heal themselves. Maintaining a healthy weight is extra challenging. So Official February 23, at AM. You are not the exception, however, and you too will learn your limits and triggers. The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA protects qualified individuals from discrimination in employment, public services, transportation, public accommodation and telecommunication. I just recently ate a large quantiy of beans and lentils and it caused me to have strange uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. Trying to keeping your weight in check is worth the effort. We live rural, and often I’m home with my girls when my husband is working.

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With myasthenia raw food diet treatment gravis

By setting reasonable goals and measuring progress, you can improve your ability to maintain an exercise routine. Cook with salt substitutes or use other spices. Lindsay, I am curous to know what effect the beans and lentils had on your condition? I believe in full healing but it has been a long hard road. Autoimmune MG and Diagnostic Tests. Diet modifications may be advisable if you are taking certain medicines for MG. Hi Fran, Do you drink alcohol? I have been on azathioprine, mycophenolate CellCept, methotrexate and none have worked. Check the expiration dates of all foods and discard if expired. In short ,I believe a combination of a vegan diet and herbal prescriptions from a doctor here in Los angeles have allowed me to stop taking both Mestinon,Pyridostigmine and prednizone. She woke up with her hands still on the wheel of the car.

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