Mom crafts creepy mask from breast milk to remedy newborn’s pimples

It’s the breast medicine money can buy. It’s no secret that mother’s milk boasts many wondrous medicinal properties. However, one enterprising mom devised a surprising use for the multifaceted mammary juice — by fashioning it into a facemask to cure her infant’s acne. A video detailing her MacGyver-esque pimple remedy currently boasts over 4 million… Read More »

Your Sex Horoscope for the Month of July 2021

Happy July, Amodrn family! Because it’s officially summer and we’re ready to get hot, hot hot! The stars have some fun things planned for us. We’re talking acitivities have have little to do with the outside and all about the bedroom. We’re talking sex, baby. The sun is moving from Cancer into fiery Leo this… Read More »