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Vegan Living: A Healthy Guide To a Plant Based Life Katie Mills

Vegan Living: A Healthy Guide To a Plant Based Life

Katie Mills

Kindle Edition
63 pages
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 About the Book 

A large portion of this book describes how to properly follow veganism as a dietary choice. The chapters and sections will take you through ways to reduce and eliminate animal products from your diet, nutrients to bear in mind when eliminating animal products, ways to supplement these nutrients, the four vegan food groups and how to follow them, as well as recipes, tips, and tricks that make being a vegan easy and fun. You will learn how to make beets taste delicious. You will also find out which famous athletes practice solely vegan diets. If you are an expectant mother or hope to become pregnant soon, there is information on how to maintain the health of your fetus while following a vegan diet, and even whether you could – or should – raise your baby on a vegan diet.Ultimately, this book will open up discussion about veganism and teach you how to keep the welfare of animals in mind without sacrificing your own health in the process. Bear in mind, making a conscious decision to be a part of the good in the world should not come at a cost to your own well-being and sanity. Even if you come upon the end of this book deciding to boycott fur or even reducing the amount of meat you eat instead of eliminating it from your diet, this book will have succeeded.No matter what your decision, diet or lifestyle or otherwise, it is important to keep an open mind on all matters. Veganism may not be for you, but you may love animals enough to listen sympathetically and support the cause in other ways. The best way to build bridges is by listening and trying to understand one another. That is the way to a better world for all of us, whether we stand on two legs or four.Scroll back up to buy now.