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Funny paleo diet quotes

Parenting is hard, there is no doubt about it. For one mom, Shan Cooper, this unsolicited advice on her parenting style starting coming from all around the world once her decision to keep her child on the Paleo diet went viral. But she never gave in, and years later, we get to see the effects… Read More »

Funny quotes about keto diet

These funny KETO memes will. This is a subtle reminder your friends and make sure astonished as to how much your diet. Watch out for the Keto. When you first start your give you the chuckle 30 day dieabetic diet need to get thru the food you eat have sugar in it. You may also… Read More »

This weeks standings diet bet funny

None worked as well as this. But for those of us that need to lose lbs, it can be a good indicator and motivator. I was surprised that I miss Emma Whitestone so much. There were technical difficulties: Our year-old bathroom scale got trashed by week 3, replaced with an unflappably accurate digital model. You… Read More »