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Black patients have worse safety outcomes than White patients at the same hospital, study finds

Dive Brief: Black patients are more likely to experience an adverse safety event than their White counterparts at the same hospital, according to new data from the Urban Institute. Researchers analyzed 11 patient safety indicators and found in six of those, Black adult patients experienced significantly worse patient safety outcomes than White patients of the… Read More »


Just because you might be planning a BBQ and other shenanigans this Fourth of July holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great workout in. In fact, we have a Fourth of July-inspired workout just for you! Go solo or pull in your friends and family to break a sweat with you! To warm… Read More »

Ray peat white sugar diet

Each person is different. There is no diet that works for everyone. Every culture has its own food, developed over centuries or longer and often mutilated in modernity. Each person in all cultures has a different gut microbiome, different genetics, and different response to stress. Our emotional support systems, daily fulfillment, building health, and past… Read More »

White label diet pills

White label diet pills and weight-loss supplements are surprisingly common. Again, the people who buy them are unlikely to know they are white label and, even if they have heard the term, may not know what it means. Not that it matters. There is nothing wrong with white label products. Some of them are very… Read More »